Saturday, August 20, 2016

Finishing on conceivably the most discussed TV cliffhanger since Who Shot JR the last period of The Walking Dead left us hungry for additional. voracious zombie hungry.

With a military-style operation set up to keep the character of Negan's casualty being spilled, spoilers are slight on the ground. Be that as it may, here's all that we do know as such:

The Walking Dead season 6 finale spoilers: Who kicked the bucket On the off chance that you missed it. A day ago on Earth April season six finale finished with Rick Grimes and 10 different survivors caught and brought before the unnerving Negan.

Rick's gathering comprised of his child Michonne, Glenn, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene, Rosita and Maggie  the remainder of whom is pregnant and not doing so great.

Negan chooses to rebuff Rick gathering for their violations against him and uses slugging stick wrapped in spiked metal, to pound the life out of one of them. The whipping is seen from the POV of the casualty, leaving the viewers unaware with respect to who Negan picked.

The cliffhanger left fans irritated, to understate the obvious, with viewer shock and petitions driving The Walking Dead innovative group to apologize over and over and once more.

One especially sharp fan even stripped the sound from the last scene, backed it right off and inscribed what he thought he'd listened: an appalled Maggie shouting Glenn's name. That video's since been expelled from So make of that what you will.

Just two of the 11 potential casualties are safe. Before he started the Negan cautioned; Anyone moves, anything says anything cut the kid's other eye out and nourish it to his dad.